Ivana Gibová: Singles in their Thirties
– Slovakia

Born in Prešov in 1985, where she also studied the Slovak languaguge and literature. She first got attention already with her debut collection of short stories Usadenina [Deposit], which, as a manuscript, won the competition Debut 2011 and after publication it also won the opinion poll Debut of the year.  Her novel Borderline [Borderline] served as a model for the production of the same name by the Stoka Theatre and the Prague Necroteatro. Both of her last books were nominated for the Anasoft Litera prize.

Her latest book Eklektik Bastards [Eclectic Bastards] combines the genre of a collection of short stories with a comic that she drew herself: “The sarcastic stories are based on the lives of the current thirty-plus generation born in the 1980’s, who have Internet adulthood, but didn’t have Internet childhood. Eclectic Bastards, with its distance and cynical humor, talks about her frustrations, self-realization, overweight, aging, working in corporations and a single life in her thirties.”