Klára Vlasáková
– Czechia

Born in České Budějovice in 1990, Vlasáková is a journalist, dramaturg, scriptwriter and novelist. In her native city she studied at the Jírovcova Grammar School, and then Journalism and Gender Studies at Charles University, Prague, and Scriptwriting and Dramaturgy at FAMU. She works in Czech TV. She has written the novel Praskliny (Cracks, 2020) and the comic script Spiritistky (The Spiritist Women, 2020, with Juliána Chomová). “When a tiny spherical shape descends on Earth, there is no man in whom this wouldn’t raise expectations. The ball may be levitating a couple of feet above the surface and it seems remarkably resistant to any attempts at displacing or destroying it, but nothing else comes from it,” says the annotation of her debut novel.