Mária Ferenčuhová: Hypnotic Meditation on the End and Rebirth
– Slovakia

Born in Bratislava in 1975. Studied film screenwriting and dramaturgy, postgraduate history and film theory at the film and television department of the Academy of Performing Arts, as well as linguistics at the Sciences du lungage at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales in Paris. She is comprehensively interested in poetry, prose and artistic translation from French. She publishes, for example, in the periodicals Fragment, Host, Romboid, or Vlna. She made her debut with her collection of poems Skryté titulky [Closed Captions] in 2003. Her latest work was published during the pandemic times: “The Fifth Book of Poems“ by Mária Ferenčuhová is a hypnotic meditation on the end and rebirth. The individual fate of a man is interconnected with the fate of the universe, chillingly personal and at the same time embracing images of  intimacy as if they extended beyond themselves and streched to infinity.