Mária Modrovich: A Probe into the Life of a Cult Member
– Slovakia

Born in Bratislava in 1977. Studied both marketing communication and non-Slavic philology at the Faculty of Arts of the Comenius University. Lived in the USA for several years from where she wrote columns inspired by her perception of America and New York regularly. In her collection of ten texts called Flešbek [Flashback], nominated for the EU Prize for Literature in 2019, she writes about the life changes, and expectations of others, arising from motherhood. She is the author of four prosaic books (the others are Lu & Mira [Lu & Mira]Tichý režim [Quiet Mode]) and the latest one of them Rozhovor s členkou kultu [An interview with the Cult Member] with an exciting story: ”Why did several women decide to associate around a former singing star, why did they leave their spouses, families and home, why did they exchange their ‘normal life‘ for an isolated existence in the forest? An ambitious journalist and an abandoned daughter will try to find out more.”