Peter Šulej: Bratislava as a Megapolis
– Slovakia

Born in Banska Bystrica in 1967. In the past, he worked as an editor at the Slovak Radio, founded and owns the publishing house Drewo a srd. He is also the editor-in-chief of the magazine on contemporary culture and art VLNA. He co-founded the international poetry festival Ars Poetica. He writes both poetry and prose. His latest novel Fytopaleontológia [Phytopaleonthology] is the culmination of a trilogy of prose works (the first two parts were História [History] and Spolu [Together]) and was nominated for the Anasoft Litera Award: “Dystopian vision of future full of cyberpunk dark atmosphere describes Bratislava as an overcrowded megapolis, where each day is a struggle for survival. The novel is written in an experimental form, using a number of genres and (post)modern techniques.”