Petr Borkovec
– Czechia

Borkovec was born in Louňovice pod Blaníkem in 1970 and studied Czech Language and Literature at Charles University, Prague, without completing. He writes poetry, prose and children’s books; he is a translator, editor and journalist, and also the dramaturg of the Prague Literary Café Fra. His debut poetry book was Prostírání do tichého (Laying the Table into Silence, 1990). His most recent books include Sebrat klacek (To Pick Up a Stick, 2021), Každá věc má něco společného se štěstím (Every Thing Has Something to Do with Happiness, 2020), Petříček Sellier & Petříček Bellot (Pete Sellier & Pete Bellot, 2018), Herbář k čemusi horšímu (A Herbal of Something Worse, 2018), Věci našeho života (The Things of Our Life, 2017), Lido di Dante (2017). “This remains to be a work of enchanting language refinement, a riches of themes and an extraordinary talent of poetic vision of the world around us,” writes Petr Nagy of his most recent book.