Zuska Kepplová: Unknown Environment
– Slovakia

Born in 1982 in Bratislava. She studied screenwriting and dramaturgy at the Academy of Performing Arts and continued her cultural and gender studies at the Central European University. She is actively interested in current events, alienation and the themes of the globalized world, which also appear in her work. She entered the literary world in 2005 with the victory in the Poviedka [Short Story] competition, and in 2011 she made her debut with a generational statement Buchty švabachom [Cakes in the Gothic Script], published by KK Bagala. She is interested in the theme of identity, which resonates in several of her work, especially in the case of characters who find themselves abroad. She is a multiple finalist for the Anasoft Litera Award, nominated for her debut and the book Reflux [Reflux] (2016). She currently works for the SME daily, where she works as an editor and a political commentator.